"I have been working with Megan for some time now.I am always recommending her to my friends and family. She is very helpful and intuitive. Her knowledge of alternative health issues are amazing! She is always available to answer questions and share her expertise.  Her energy work is a very valuable tool in perusing health.   I am extremely thankful for her help and knowledge in my journey of healing my body!"

"Regular sessions with Megan have been such a blessing to my family.  Megan herself is always kind, responsive, and compassionate, in addition to being extremely knowledgeable about various natural remedies that will complement energetic therapy.  My husband and I have noticed increased feelings of vitality and well-being since starting regular sessions with Megan, and our children seem to have an easier time maintaining emotional equilibrium, probably because they’re feeling better as well!  I would recommend Megan to anyone, either for general health maintenance or for more targeted assistance with acute or chronic ailments."

"Megan is a gifted energy medicine practitioner and I am grateful to have found her!  My whole health picture has improved as a result of her work with me.  I grew up with the typical American mindset that when you have an ailment, you go to the doctor and get medicine.  Although I took medicine most of my life, I never got well.  When I learned about energy medicine, I came to the realization that I had been going about it all wrong.  Megan’s treatments helped me get to the root of the problem and heal from the inside out.  Not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Health is multi-faceted and we have to have a multi-dimensional approach to recovery.  Megan is skilled at helping people with all aspects of health and well-being.”

"Megan is compassionate and warm hearted.  She listens deeply and guides you gently on a self healing journey."  
Chris Lowthert, D.C.
New Health Consultant
Afton, Virginia

"It is hard to put into words the benefits that I have gained from working with Megan Buer at Harmony Restored. I was asked to contact her by my doctor, Zackery Bush, for all over body pain. This pain had been a moving target for years. We all know chronic pain, of any kind, wears you down and you tend to lose your vibrancy.

 I did an Emotional Code session via phone, then my others she did on her own after I emailed, in detail, the issues I was having. By return email I received a detailed report of what emotions she cleared from my body that was causing the pain. I was astounded. I did not know me, as a person, was even capable of holding on to these emotions. Where did they come from? Deep inside my heart? But I am a happy person full of love, yes with baggage, but you have not lived 64 years without some. Right? We progressed from 3 excellent Emotional Code sessions, which improved my overall body pain dramatically and gave me a peaceful sense of wellbeing.

What she uncovered next was that I had a Heart Wall. Many of us do. It is just as it sounds, a wall around your heart that we throw up to protect ourselves. It was truly amazing what she was able to take down and the emotions cleared that I never dreamed of residing there. 4 sessions later and the change was amazing. I was the same, but so different.  Gone were the agonizing brain loops of negativity that I couldn’t get rid of. I started attracting the right people in my life as the toxic ones dropped away. I no longer do things I think I SHOULD do, but embrace the things I WANT to do. I am living in the moment. I have kicked sleeping pills after 42 years. I am eating as green as I can. I am filled with love from the inside out.

 If you have put off getting in touch with the real you and are not feeling you are at 100% of your mental and health potential. Get in touch with Megan Buer. DO IT NOW.

Megan is the best gift you can give yourself. If I only could have one tool in my tool box it would be her."

"Megan has been a blessing of healing, awareness, and support for my family for almost two years now. I remember how remarkable that first session was with my young daughter, who has had digestive troubles since she was a baby. I remember being in awe of the affects of Megan's treatment on her mood and physical comfort, and suddenly feeling hope and confidence in her ability to heal and grow, free from my worry.

Six months ago, Megan was an integral part of our son's healing journey. She had done sessions with him before for emotional stress, heart wall clearing, and every now and then for immune boosts, so she knows him well. This was an intense, scary time for us as his parents, and for him as a healthy child who was suddenly not well and very confused. Megan went above and beyond to dig deep into the concerns. With each session, she uncovered more information and released more of what was interfering with his health. Again, there was tremendous renewed faith in natural design for growth and the ability to heal ourselves when we are loved, supported and understood.

When one of us heals, we all shift toward something better together. Usually this happens in small bits toward what feels stronger or more peaceful, sometimes as small as a little pop in my spine, or as subtle as being able to take a deeper, slower breath. Sometimes, it can be a dramatic breakthrough, and everything feels or looks different. Whether it is an acute illness or a chronic stress, we always feel closer to wellness and peace with each session.

Megan has guided and supported us through normal ups and downs, and also very worrisome challenges. She has broken down walls and old patterns, freed us from deeply rooted negative energy, and showed us how our past does not have to be our present or future. I often think of Megan as I go about my day; I take a deep breath, and feel the change she has brought each of us - from the inside out."

"Megan has been such a huge blessing to me in so many ways.  She has given me such peace within.  I have been going through some tough times with anxiety and panic attacks as an aftermath of my thyroid med overdose.  She did work on me throughout my healing journey.  I was having huge anxiety in the morning when my husband would leave for work, I felt like I was in such terror at times, terror and thoughts I couldn’t control.  She had done some work on me the last day of my husband’s work week, by the time he went back to work (3 days later), the terror was gone ... my strength had returned and it has felt like a normal morning since.  She has helped me in so many ways, this was just one HUGE one!!  Without her, I don’t know where I would be, but what I do know is I would still be in a terrible terror storm.  Megan you are amazing, your always there for me – thank you so much."

“When I first heard about Emotion Code, I was skeptical it would work.  I have been in therapy in years to address serious abuse and traumas.  After one session (I chose to meet with Megan in person), I felt a sense of hope. Megan does a great job explaining how trapped emotions work. She answered all of my questions thoroughly. After a couple of sessions, I realized the tightness in my chest and aches throughout my body, which had been there for years, were no longer present. She has done more in 6 months to help me heal than 10 years of therapy. All this to say, it works. Give yourself the gift of healing. Emotion Code sessions with Megan are the best investment I have made in my well being.”

"I'm so thankful my family doctor, Dr. Martin Katz, told me to contact Megan Buer. Megan has helped me so much. I am healing my body!  It is great to experience the different changes my body is making.  I'm joyful and so happy every moment of the day.  My mind is clear and peaceful, my anxiety is gone.  I would like all my friends and family to have the same experience.   To live a more joyful life, true to the connection of our heart."

"The anxiety that was present with me and my son (6-year old) have lessened immensely after working with Megan.  The baby is able to wake peacefully from his sleep (the abandonment energy has been released!).  And my husband is breathing better now that the energies trapped in his lungs have been addressed!  I appreciate Megan empowering us and working with us as we take steps to increase positivity in our lives.  The best part of Megan working with us is her flexibility (in person, phone, email) and ability to explain things with professionalism and care."

"Megan has done 2 sessions on my son for a number of issues, one of the biggest ones was his constant need to fidget with anything and everything. His fidgeting has caused many problems in school, as it can be very distracting to his classmates. After his first session his fidgeting went from happening all day (especially when concentrating) to hardly at all. I noticed that he doesn't do it anymore while doing homework and then his teacher mentioned that he hardly fidgets at all anymore in class. He has also gotten 3 perfect weekly progress reports since Megan has worked on him. Megan is amazing at what she does and is so loving and caring, which I appreciate more than anything else."

"My youngest son Marcos has always been a challenge. The first 6 months of his life all he did was cry. He still cries now over every little thing and it just drains me. I had Megan work on him today. The time change has made bedtime horrible all week and this morning Marcos had 3 meltdowns and I was frazzled and impatient with him since it made us late getting out the door. I dropped him off and was so frustrated. Then I got the email from Megan about all the things she had just cleared from my sensitive boy. I got teary in the car as I read about them. I turned the volume down of my music and said a prayer for Marcos (and for me to be more patient and loving).  Goosebumps and more tears! Wow. Tonight when I picked Marcos up from preschool he was so cheerful and happy and all evening was hugging and kissing me and he fell asleep tonight within minutes."

"I was experiencing pain in my right hip area. It came on suddenly for no apparent reason. I figured I had pulled a muscle and it would go away in a couple of days. Two to three weeks later the pain was spreading to my whole leg and disrupting my sleep. I contacted Megan about this and she did a session for me. The pain level dropped from an 8 to a 4 and I was sleeping better that very night! A week or two later I was still experiencing the level 4 pain, so we did a second session and I have been pain free ever since. Thanks Megan!"

"Last night at work I felt a sore throat coming on. By the time I left at 10:30pm the pain I felt from swallowing was worse and it felt like my throat was tight and like something was in the way. This morning was the same, so I asked for help from Megan. Within a couple hours of Megan's help I could NOT believe that my throat didn't have that tightness when swallowing and then the pain diminished to 10% of what it was. Just barely there. I've very grateful for her suggestions! Just wow. This is the second experience I've had personally with energy healing and both involved pain that went away. I want to believe that it works in theory and I've wondered if it can really help, but there's no denying this. Unbelievable!" 

"I had a pinch in my back for just over a year. I told Megan about it, not knowing if it was caused by anything emotional, she cleared a single inherited emotion from that spot and the pain was gone. It is amazing.  My son was coming down with what we feared to be croup. Megan boosted his immune system and within hours he was showing vast improvement and the illness was completely gone within two days.  Megan also cleared heartwalls on my husband, my two year old son, and myself. So many of the emotions that she cleared from all of us rang so true. The emotion code is amazing and I am so grateful to Megan for helping our family have a healthier, happier life."

"Although I have immersed myself over the past several years in different healing modalies (massage, meditation, yoga, reiki, and prayer), I was still suffering from physical issues that were becoming more and more persistent and debilitating; particularly right knee pain that left me ready to seek surgery for relief.  That is when a friend introduced me to Megan and the Emotion Code.  As a believer that our bodies DO have the infinite wisdom to heal themselves, I was intrigued and contacted Megan right away. Over the course of the next several weeks, Megan cleared my heart wall and a whole host of trapped emotions, and with each session I began to feel better.  Sometimes I would be frustrated, wanting the healing to happen immediately, but she confidently and gently reminded me to be patient and allow my body to release the trapped emotions.   One of the most profound things that I took away from my sessions with Megan and the Emotion Code process is the quote, "Healing isn't about fixing who you are, its about remembering who you are".  Now, everyday, when I awaken, I am remembering who I am and my life has never been better.  Thank you!  I am so very grateful."