"The only way we can change this world and bring it to a higher level of civilization is through changing the inhabitants of this earth, one at a time. By helping people to shed their emotional baggage, we transform them back into the pure spirits that they should be, and they become empowered to become who God intended them to become; their pains and phobias, their addictions and self-defeating behaviors fall away, and the pure essence of each individual shines forth from each heart, filling the immensity of space. This is how the world will change; and I guarantee you, it will, one person at a time. I hope you will join me and become a part of this work, whose destiny is to help transform this earth to a higher plane of existence, one life at a time!”  
- Dr. Bradley Nelson

New Client Appointment Option

Initial Evaluation and Session for First Time Clients
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In your initial evaluation, we will identify and release the trapped emotional traumas that are contributing to your most pertinent symptoms.  If needed, we will identify how efficiently your organs, brain, hormones, and body systems are functioning.  We will identify any underlying nutritional imbalances and see what foods would be healing for your body chemistry.  We will also check for a heartwall.  A heartwall is a thick layer of trapped emotions that blocks our ability to give and receive love.  In this session, we will make a personalized plan for your emotional freedom and physical wellness.  This session will last 45 minutes.

Established Client Appointment Options

Follow Up Session for Established Clients  
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In the follow up session, we will continue to release the imbalances and trapped emotions blocking you from thriving.  We will prepare the body for the heartwall clearing.  Personalized nutritional and supplement advice will be given, if desired.  We will target and accomplish goals set out in the initial evaluation.

Heart-Wall Clearing Package for Established Clients 
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In your initial session, we will check to see if you have a heart-wall.  A heartwall is a wall of trapped emotions that your subconscious has built to protect you from emotional trauma.  Over time, having this negative wall around the heart can lead to an array of physical and emotional imbalances. The most common symptoms of a heartwall are depression, anxiety, feeling isolated, inability to communicate effectively with others, emotional numbness, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and chest pains.  Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code modalities, says this about the heart-wall:

"There may have been times in your own life where you have felt that physical sensation we refer to as "heartache".  This feeling of pressure or discomfort in the chest and throat occurs when the deepest part of us is under assault, typically when someone is hurting us or were feeling a deep sense of grief, hurt, or loss.  I believe that the heart is actually the core of our being, just like the ancients believed.  And I think that the spirit within us does not like this feeling, this assault on our core.  I believe that if you have this experience more than a couple of times in your life that your subconscious mind will form an "energy wall" to protect your heart against further heartache and against further assault.  We refer to this wall of energy as the "heart-wall".  I have found that the heart-wall hampers your ability to give and receive love and to feel good emotions.  Having a heart-wall contributes to feelings of isolation, and can create depression as well as other problems.  My experience is that approximately 93% of people have a heart-wall!"

In addition to working on the heartwall, each session will include the release of a few other imbalances.  The heartwall usually takes 3-5 sessions to fully release.  This package includes all the sessions it takes to clear.

Establish Clients - Packages

Yearly Transformation Package
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This transformation package is for established clients and includes 12 e-mail sessions with 1 session occurring each month over the course of a year.  This package is for people who have gone through initial session and the heartwall clearing.  Each month you will receive a full session working on what you need.  This is the perfect way to stay balanced and emotionally stable throughout the year!

Immunity Boost & Wellness Tune Up for Established Clients
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This e-mail only session is for acute physical or emotional stress.  Starting to feel like you or your child is coming down with a cold?  Wake up with a headache?  Feeling particularly anxious?  In this session, we will clear trapped emotions and other imbalances in the body.  For the immunity boost session, will determine how well your immune system is functioning and boost it to full capacity.  You will also be given personalized advice on what supplements, foods, essential oils, herbs, or homeopathic remedies would be beneficial.  If my day is already booked and this is an emergency, please contact me directly and I can schedule you in after hours.