Healing Anxiety
The Best Tools for Anxiety and Stress Relief


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious? Are your days filled with worry, fear, and panic? 

What if you could go through your day feeling calm, grounded, and in control? What if you knew you had the tools to handle anxiety when it showed up? 

You are not your anxiety. The way you feel right now is real, and it's ok. But, it's not who you are. Don't let anxiety become your identity. There IS a way out. You don't have to feel stuck anymore. You are experiencing this for a reason, and it's brining you to something even better than you could imagine. Your life is INCREDIBLE on the other side of fear, and I'm here to help you get there. 

This empowering live healing and training webinar will give you the tools you need to shift your life.

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See What Others Are Saying

"I had always had a block about the EFT but the way you explained it and the way that I tried it then made all the difference...I actually got very emotional afterwards and I think I’ll be tapping the day away today trying to release some stuff now that I know that it actually sets it free.

Thank you for sharing your own story too, I think that is so helpful and insightful.  I get this, and it makes me feel like I can actually do something “about life.”  Much to think about after all the material presented.  Thank you again!"


Meet Megan

As a mother to 3 children, Megan Buer struggled for years with Hashimoto’s disease, adrenal fatigue, sugar addiction, food intolerances, panic, and anxiety.  She went on a journey of health and discovery – spending over 10 years researching, experimenting, and finally figuring out all the unique tools she needed to naturally heal herself.

Megan shares her knowledge and healing gifts in private practice and online.  She is a certified Emotion Code practitioner, Reiki healer, wellness coach, author, and blogger. 

Megan's mission is to take the fear and overwhelm out of health.  She is passionate about simplifying your healing journey, empowering you with the tools needed for health, and get you thriving again!

Megan works with clients remotely full time, educates, speaks, and writes. She is also a part of the health team at Revolution Health Center in Virginia.