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Hi, I’m Megan.

I’m a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, author, health coach, and blogger.  

My job is to inspire and empower YOU into thriving health. 

I’ve been there.  I spent several years of my life sick.  I had an auto-immune disease, adrenal fatigue, food intolerances, anxiety, and panic attacks.

After years of work and over ten years of research, I learned how to naturally heal myself of each of my symptoms.  I’ve been working with clients for over 3 years now, and I’ve found that the same tools that I used to heal myself are the same tools that empower my clients into healing their lives also.  

Now I’m here to share those tools with you.

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Discovering The Relationship Between
Your Gut Health and Emotional Wellness

Discover the connection between your food, your gut, your emotions, and your overall health. 

Join Dr. Zach Bush, CEO of Biomic Sciences and Revolution Health Center and Megan Buer, CECP, founder of Harmony Restored for this FREE webinar. The information provided is insightful and will simplify confusing topics like gut health, anxiety, and depression.

If you have been searching for answers to your physical, emotional, and mental health challenges, you will find hope and answers in this webinar.

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