You Are The Magic Pill {Free Videos}

Have you been feeling yucky for a while?  Maybe you have anxiety, depression, brain fog, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, headaches, etc?

Maybe you have a diagnosis or doctors keep telling you that there is nothing wrong.

You've spent hours and hours researching to try and figure out what is wrong with you.

But, you feel more exhausted and stressed than ever?

Are you on the constant hunt for the thing that is going to heal you?  A new diet?  A certain food you need to cut out?  A magic supplement?


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I know what that feels like.  I suffered in the pain of thinking something was wrong with me for 10 years.

But, I finally found the answers I was searching for, and I share them with you in this video.  In this free video, Dr. Heather Paulson and I chat about the true magic pill.  We talk about how you don't have to follow a strict diet to heal your mind, body, or soul.  What you believe will heal you, will heal you - and this is the BEST news for those of you on a health journey!

This is a quick preview into the Science and Soul of Healing Summit.  Do you want to learn the secrets behind truly healing and staying well? Are you interested in learning how to address your health from body, mind, and spirit? The Science and Soul of Healing Summit is a FREE & ONLINE conference made up of more than 25 video interviews with an amazing lineup of experts in holistic health and wellness.  

30 Second Trick to Stop Anxiety

Free Guide to Creating Radiant Health, Effortless Joy, and Lasting Energy

When you are feeling anxiety or panic in the moment, you need a tool to fall back on.

Maybe all the tips and tools you've learned about aren't helping, and you need something to stop the cycle of anxiety from getting out of control.


Use this 30 second trick anytime fear, anxiety, panic, or any other negative emotion hits.


How To Stop A Panic Attack

Have you ever felt like you were going to die out of nowhere?

Has your heart started pounding, your hands shake, and you feel like you can't breathe for no reason at all?

Have you been driving down the road and all of a sudden it feels like there is impending doom?

Yeah, me too. 


It's a panic attack, and it's literally the worst feeling on Earth.  I felt totally paralyzed by panic attacks until I understood what why I was getting them and how to stop them from happening.  

In this video, I explain to you what's happening in your body during a panic attack, why it happens, and how to stop them.

EFT Script for Stopping A Panic Attack

Even though this feels so scary, my body is doing something very natural and normal.

Even though I feel like I’m going to die, it’s just a feeling and it will pass.

I am not dying.  I am safe.

Even though my heart is pounding and I feel like I can’t breathe, I’m not in danger.

My adrenaline is pumping and my primitive brain thinks something is wrong. 

But, I am safe.

I now look to my body.  I feel my legs and arms and toes. 

I feel my feet.  My feet are safe.  They are sturdy on the ground.

I now slowly look from side to side.  My surroundings are safe.

My body is safe.  My surroundings are safe.

This is just a feeling, nothing else.

This is old trauma that was frozen in my body and now it’s ready to be released.

So, I’m releasing it now from my body, mind, and spirit.

My cells release all the stress and fear and panic.

I clear my mind of scary thoughts and ground myself in this moment. 

It’s safe to relax.

It’s safe for me to thrive in this moment.

I am safe with myself.  I am safe in my body.  I am at home in my body.

It’s ok to feel scared sometimes, but it doesn’t mean anything is actually wrong.

My emotions are just emotions – like passing clouds in the sky.

Life loves me. 

The world is a happy, safe, and fun place to be.

I have total clarity on what is best for me.

I move beyond all fear and see the love that I am.

I see the love and beauty and simplicity in each moment.

I am slowing down, smiling, and finding beauty, love, and joy in everything and everyone I see today – including myself. 

I rest in the ocean of love that is available to me in every moment. 


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