How To Calm Anxiety in 2 Minutes

This post is an excerpt from my e-book, Keys To Calm, which is all about naturally healing anxiety with mind-body tools, nutrition, and natural remedies.  

Acute anxiety or panic can look different for everybody.  For some, it's the classic heavy breathing, sweaty palms, heart racing type of anxiety you see in the movies.  For others, it can be silent.  Feeling overwhelmed and frozen.  It can even come out as anger, rage, or frustration.  

No matter what it looks like, it's imperative to release these emotions for your overall health.  When the feelings of anxiety, frustration, anger, and overwhelm build up, it can create disease and other imbalance in the body long term.  

I tried A LOT to heal my anxiety.  Up until I experienced energy work, everything I had done only seemed to help a little bit.  Energy healing, specifically The Emotion Code and EFT, stopped my subconscious triggers for anxiety and panic attacks overnight. 

Studies Show...

Clinical studies done on EFT show that it is effective in treating anxiety.  EFT can, on average, reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol by 24%, anxiety symptoms by 42%, depression by 74% and phobias by 68%. EFT also has a success rate of 86% with PTSD. (Church, D. (2013) Clinical EFT as an evidence-based practice for the treatment of psychological and physiological conditions. Psychology, 4(8), 645-654)

Energy medicine, more than anything else I did combined, helped heal my anxiety.  Releasing stress and trapped emotions that were stuck in my body quickly and painlessly healed my fears. 

“When we experience stress, or emotionally traumatic events, that trauma can become stored in the physical body.  These are actual energies that distort our bodies ability to feel vibrant.  Every single atom is made of pure energy.  That energy can become stagnant or blocked with the accumulation of stress.  With energy healing, we have the ability to shift, release, and move energy around to promote health on all levels.”  -from A Handbook for Healing 

How To Calm Acute Anxiety in 2 Minutes

Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple tool that anyone can learn.  I’ve even taught my children how to do this!  This is a sample video from the tools provided in Keys To Calm.  In this video, I give you a tool to heal acute anxiety, overwhelm, and panic.  When you are going about your day and, all of a sudden, something triggers you.  Stop what you are doing, take a few deep breaths, and tap with me.  


In Keys To Calm, you are given access to several additional videos to help heal chronic anxiety and rebalance the neurotransmitters in the brain.  

As a bonus, you get my top 3 ways to help children release anxiety and nervousness - with 2 EFT videos made especially for kids!

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