Should You Be Paleo or Vegan? Here Is Your Answer...

I have tried every single diet out there, have you? From paleo, to vegan, to raw, to Whole30, to keto, to AIP (and on and on and on...), is it any wonder that none of us know how to eat anymore?


How did something so simple become so complicated?

I spent 10 years of my life jumping from one healing diet to the next, trying to figure out what would heal me once and for all.

I had anxiety, panic attacks, inflammation, digestive issues, headaches, dizziness, and I felt completely overwhelmed and stressed 24/7.

I blamed food. A lot.

Every health book I read said that food was to blame. Gluten, dairy, sugar, meat, not enough meat, fat, too much fat, cooked food, raw food, corn, soy, etc.

I was stressed about EVERYTHING I put in my mouth.

My health declined.

Luckily, one day I WOKE UP from the fog of food stress and realized it was never about the food.

The STRESS around food was making me sick, not the food.

Now I practice intuitive eating. And it's radically changed my life. I'm no longer stressed about food.

I listen deeply to my body's cues. I trust myself around food now.

My body knows whats best for me. Your body knows whats best for you.

If you are sick of stressing about every morsel of food you put in your mouth.

If you are sick of jumping from diet to diet.

If you are sick of spending your life reading health books.

If you are sick of blaming food for all of your problems.

If you want to enjoy food again.

If you want to enjoy your LIFE again.

If you want to have a better relationship with your body and appetite....


Put down the diet book, take a deep breath, get some fresh air, shake it off, and read Intuitive Eating.

So, should you be paleo or vegan?  The answer is, it's up to you.  If you really enjoy eating a certain way and it feels like something you WANT to do for the rest of your life and you aren't missing out on anything, GO FOR IT.  But, if you know that you can't do it for the rest of your life, please please know that you are under NO obligation to go on any type of diet.  There is so much more to life than food.  

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Joy heals our bodies quicker than food does.


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The Life Changing Habit of Empowered Self Care

If you are a client of mine, or have been reading the blog, you know I like to take the loving approach to facilitate change.  Love is the only place where all lasting healing comes from.  And, for that lasting healing to take place in our own lives, we have to extend love to ourselves. 

I’m sure most of you have all heard something about the self love movement.  It’s a new idea that is turning a lot of heads.  As a collective society, we have spent a lot of time trying to hate and shame ourselves into change.  We criticize ourselves and others over every little “flaw”.  Every magazine we see at the store is plastered with advertisements on how to get a better body, a new workout or diet to try, and tips on how to get people to like you.  Everyday we are bombarded with pictures of photo shopped men and women, weight loss products, and dietary dogma.  It’s no wonder we hate our bodies, feel confused about our health, and just end up settling for sugar and TV at the end of the day.

To counteract these false belief systems, the self love movement has begun.  This movement consists of mostly women who have decided to turn their backs on the standards and expectations of society.  The message is ‘love yourself the way you are’.  I support this idea 1,000%.  Because, again, if we don't look at healing (from disease, emotional eating, anxiety, pain, etc.) from a place of love, real change wont happen.  It’s imperative that we do love and accept ourselves today, the way we are right now.  When we appreciate our bodies the way they are, we open the door to healing. 

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Empowered Self Care vs. Destructive Self Care

I want to make something else clear.  With that self love, also comes the need for self empowerment.  Without the element of empowerment, we can end up using “self love” as an excuse for self destructive behaviors.  Because, and listen up now...

Loving ourselves cannot be used as an excuse for going on junk food and Netflix binges.

One more time...loving ourselves cannot be used as an excuse for going on junk food binges (or any other unhealthy habit).  When we truly love and accept ourselves, we are able to break away from the fear, the patterns, and the dependency that drive unhealthy habits. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a real human.  I love Netflix and ice cream.  I just do it in balance and without emotional attachment.  No guilt, no shame, and no overjoy either. 

There is a big difference between changing "bad" habits out of shame, guilt, and essentially self hate versus changing those same habits from a place of empowerment, self love, and gratitude.  Eating healthy, exercising, sharing your passions with the world, and living abundantly – this is true self care.  It is only when we are standing in the flow of our own personal power, that we can truly nurture, serve, and love others. 

I had a misconception of self care and self love for years.  I thought that my self demeaning habits – eating junk food, skipping workouts, and playing down my gifts – was taking care of myself.  The food brought comfort.  Laying low kept me protected.  Or so I thought.  

I realized that staying in that place was the deepest form of self rejection and denial.  I was rejecting my true nature.  My true nature, and all of our true natures, thrive in health and authentic self care.  And, when we are in that place of empowered self love, we can thrive in service, charity, and love for others. 

Support in Empowered Self Care

Asking others – your spouse, family, or friends – to assist in self destructive behaviors isn’t support.  It’s ok to be different.  It’s ok to change.  We don’t have to keep living in old patterns just because “it’s the way we were raised” or “everyone else is doing it”.  It’s time we support ourselves in empowered change, and ask for the support we need from others.  Tell your spouse or significant other, that you are making a change.  And, if you aren’t finding support in outside sources, support yourself.  Always support your authentic self.  When we aren’t living our truth, we will feel it.  I did this for years.  And, wow, I was uncomfortable!  I was overweight, broke, exhausted, sick, and overwhelmed. 

So, find others who are on the same journey and stick together.  Extend the love you wish to feel for yourself, to others.  

To Sum It Up...

Indulging in junk food is not self care.  Denying yourself health, wealth, or thriving relationships isn’t self care.  It’s quieting your power.  It’s stepping down from your life and essentially saying, “not today, thanks anyways”.  Authentic self care is daily habits that empower a person towards greater health, wealth, passion, and purpose. 

Examples of Empowered Self Care 

What does empowered self care look like in real life?  It can mean many different things to you.  And, it may change everyday.  But, here are a few examples of true self care.

- epsom salt bath at the end of a long day

- going for a walk in nature

- stretching 

- enjoying a warm cup of tea and a good 3pm...for no reason at all

- going to lunch with a friend

- turning on music and cooking a delicious, nourishing meal for yourself

- sitting under the moon and journaling everything you are grateful for

- taking a nap when you are tired, without guilt

- having a dance party with your kids (or by yourself!)

- starting up a community tradition (dinner swaps, friday night pizza and a movie with friends, etc.)

- having a designated "snow day" once a month - stay in, read good books, watch funny movies, and play games

What are your favorite empowered self care habits?


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How To Bypass the Health Mistake Almost Everyone is Making

It’s no secret that I believe in putting the joy back into health.  The natural health community has been a breeding ground for fear for a long time.  Everywhere we look, we read something else about how horrible a certain food is for you, that there are toxins lurking in your bathroom, and that even the air you breathe may be killing you. 

And, do you feel anymore healthy?  Nah, didn’t think so.  That’s because it’s the FEAR that’s making our society sick.


You want to eat healthy, you want to have energy, you want to do the best things for yourself and your family.  But, you also have a life.  How do you find that balance?  You have work, kids, dishes, laundry, emails, and a million other things going on.  How do we strike that balance between enjoying a natural healthy lifestyle and also just simply enjoying our life?

Health is not about stressing over every detail or doing everything perfectly.

In fact, that's the opposite of health. 

I would honestly rather see someone eating Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast and Cheetos for lunch and actually happy... than to see one more mom burned out, half-crazy with stress, and feeling like a giant failure because she's trying to feed her family the "perfect" diet.

Maybe that's just me.

If you're like me and dead tired of the stress and perfectionism that comes with "healthy" living -- then you're probably in the right place.

The Nourished Life

If you want to get a jump start on how to live a healthy and balanced life (the kind that doesn't suck the joy out of living!), then I highly recommend you check out my friend, Elizabeth Walling’s book The Nourished Metabolism

This was a book I used on my healing journey. It was a breath of fresh air in a world of fear and extremes.  Elizabeth helps you find balance within not just your diet, but your life.  I remember being SO stressed about figuring out the "perfect" diet, and that stress kept me sick.  Elizabeth's books and blog helped me release that stress and make peace.  

Elizabeth wrote this book because she totally did everything the wrong way when she got started -- and it backfired big time. She wanted to help others avoid taking the same path.

My goal is for you to live a happy, healthy, balanced, nourished life.  The kind that makes you smile.  It’s time to put the JOY back into your healthy lifestyle!

So head on over, 
learn more about The Nourished Metabolism and see if it's right for you. 

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How do you keep your healthy lifestyle in balance?


3 Signs It's Time to Drop Your Restrictive Diet

Our culture is obsessed with food and dietary rules.  In my 5 years of private practice, I haven’t found one person who hasn’t been affected in some way by current dietary dogma. 

Every time we think we’ve figured it all out, another food we enjoy becomes vilified.  Whether it’s vegan, raw, paleo, high fat, low fat, high starch, low carb, or anything in between, you can find “science” and data backing up each diet.  If you wanted to, you could spend the rest of your life reading diet books and still walk away as confused as ever. 

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This post is originally from a guest blog post over at Sara Best Nutrition


I spent several years blaming food for all of my problems.  I was sick with Hashimoto’s disease, adrenal fatigue, food intolerances, and crazy anxiety.  My alternative health journey got me into a cycle of blaming food for everything.  Headache?  It was something I ate.  Feel a little off and tired today?  Well, it must have been a speck of gluten I picked up somewhere.  I would feel gross, pick out a new diet to try, binge in preparation for the new diet (on all the foods I craved that were now deemed “bad”), and then never actually start the new diet.  Feel guilty and gross, blame food, pick out a new diet…and so the cycle continued.

Sound familiar?

There is a better (healthier) way to live.


What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuition is your personal truth, speaking to you.  It is usually a feeling we have deep down inside that feels true, no matter what others around us say.  I often don’t hear my intuition as a thought, but more of a peaceful feeling in my heart center. 

Truth is different for everyone.  Certain foods may be beneficial for someone, and harmful to another.  Don’t ever assume that just because some guidelines are written in a book, it’s truth for everyone.  It may be the best thing for the person who wrote the book, but it doesn’t always apply across the board. 

Intuitive eating is listening to your body.  Your body knows exactly what it needs.  Those needs can change everyday.  One day you might get the signal that you need dense, heavy foods.  The next, your body may crave salads and smoothies.  Trust it.

For years, I ignored my intuition when it came to food.  I thought that the diet gurus must know something I didn’t, and I suppressed my cravings.  You know what happened?  I got sick.  Really sick.  For years. 

It took that journey to realize that I couldn’t leave my health up to anyone else but me.  Deep down, I knew what I needed, and my job was to honor it.


3 Signs It's Time to Drop Your Diet


1.     Labeling foods “good” or “bad”

I try not to, but still catch myself doing this from time to time.  I spent years knee deep in dietary research, and started to think of certain foods as “good/healthy” and other foods as “bad/not healthy”.  This is a sign that we are deeply entrenched in dietary dogma.  Take a step back and notice how you think about food.  If you find yourself labeling foods, you may need to reconnect with your intuition.

2.     Preoccupation with food

Are you constantly thinking about food?  Are your bookshelves lined with diet books?  Do you spend a lot of time writing and re-writing “perfect” meal plans?  Scouring Amazon for another book that you may have missed – because, maybe that one will finally be your answer?  When we are connected to our intuition, we don’t have to worry about our next meal.  We simply know what we need, we honor it, and we can use that free time doing other things we enjoy.

3.     Social isolation because of food choices

Have you ever canceled dinner plans, because the restaurant didn’t serve anything that you could eat?  Do you stay home, rather than enjoy the company of family and friends, for fear of eating something you “shouldn’t”?  Do you bring your own food to social events?  I did this for a long time, and it’s not fun.  Don’t underestimate the healing power of enjoying the company of loved ones.  Joyful social interaction can be more healing than food.

If any of these points resonated with you, it’s time to start enjoying intuitive eating!


Intuitive eating is a skill, but one worth developing.  Start by bringing mindfulness to your meals.  Stop, breathe, and connect with your body before you prepare a meal.  What do you really want to eat?  Are you hungry?  Reconnecting to your intuition is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself.  It will trickle down into every area of your life, and totally transform you!


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