Discover the Connection Between Gut Health and Emotional Wellness

Discover the connection between your food, your gut, your emotions, and your overall health. 

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How To Calm Anxiety in 2 Minutes

This post is an excerpt from my e-book, Keys To Calm, which is all about naturally healing anxiety with mind-body tools, nutrition, and natural remedies.  

Acute anxiety or panic can look different for everybody.  For some, it's the classic heavy breathing, sweaty palms, heart racing type of anxiety you see in the movies.  For others, it can be silent.  Feeling overwhelmed and frozen.  It can even come out as anger, rage, or frustration.  

No matter what it looks like, it's imperative to release these emotions for your overall health.  When the feelings of anxiety, frustration, anger, and overwhelm build up, it can create disease and other imbalance in the body long term.  

I tried A LOT to heal my anxiety.  Up until I experienced energy work, everything I had done only seemed to help a little bit.  Energy healing, specifically The Emotion Code and EFT, stopped my subconscious triggers for anxiety and panic attacks overnight. 

Studies Show...

Clinical studies done on EFT show that it is effective in treating anxiety.  EFT can, on average, reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol by 24%, anxiety symptoms by 42%, depression by 74% and phobias by 68%. EFT also has a success rate of 86% with PTSD. (Church, D. (2013) Clinical EFT as an evidence-based practice for the treatment of psychological and physiological conditions. Psychology, 4(8), 645-654)

Energy medicine, more than anything else I did combined, helped heal my anxiety.  Releasing stress and trapped emotions that were stuck in my body quickly and painlessly healed my fears. 

“When we experience stress, or emotionally traumatic events, that trauma can become stored in the physical body.  These are actual energies that distort our bodies ability to feel vibrant.  Every single atom is made of pure energy.  That energy can become stagnant or blocked with the accumulation of stress.  With energy healing, we have the ability to shift, release, and move energy around to promote health on all levels.”  -from A Handbook for Healing 

How To Calm Acute Anxiety in 2 Minutes

Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple tool that anyone can learn.  I’ve even taught my children how to do this!  This is a sample video from the tools provided in Keys To Calm.  In this video, I give you a tool to heal acute anxiety, overwhelm, and panic.  When you are going about your day and, all of a sudden, something triggers you.  Stop what you are doing, take a few deep breaths, and tap with me.  


In Keys To Calm, you are given access to several additional videos to help heal chronic anxiety and rebalance the neurotransmitters in the brain.  

As a bonus, you get my top 3 ways to help children release anxiety and nervousness - with 2 EFT videos made especially for kids!

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Simple {and healthy} Meal Plans for Busy Families

A Pinterest board of 700+ recipes to try, 25+ cookbooks on the shelf, all coupled with loads of dietary dogma everywhere you look can make it stressful to know what to cook for dinner tonight.

Food is to be celebrated, not a source of stress!

I adore food, but I don’t particularly enjoy cooking it.  I’m a work at home Mom with 3 kids, and I don’t have time to mess with long and complicated recipes at 5pm.  I want everyone to be fed healthy, simple, and yummy meals.

I find that my children and I thrive on simplicity around meal time.  They like to know what to expect, and so do I.  I have developed this meal rotation plan to keep dinners simple, so I can focus on more important things.

Each night has a similar theme.  Within each theme, you can pick/choose what meal to prepare.  Like anything, take what works for you and tweak the things that don’t. 

Each night has a theme, and each night has 2 meal options.  That way, you have two weeks of meals and won't get bored with the same thing every week

Sunday – Comfort meal

Option 1: Soup and bread.  Alternate between different soup recipes your family likes.  We love a simple veggie soup, black bean soup, or split pea.

Option 2: Chili and cornbread.  We love the chili recipe from Nourishing Meals.

Tuesday – Stir Fry night

Option 1: Asian stir fry.  Cook up some brown rice.  Sautee some vegetables (we do peas, carrots, endamame, onions, broccoli, chickpeas).  Add in some Braggs Aminos to taste.

Option 2: Cook up brown rice or quinioa.  Sautee some veggies (sweet potatoes chopped up small, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, carrots, onions, kidney beans, ).  Top the veggies over the rice or quinoa, and top with a simple sauce (olive oil, garlic, lemon, Bragg seasoning) and avocado.

Thursday – Leftovers night

Option 1: Use up any leftovers you have and everyone can pick/choose what they want.

Option 2: Kids choice.  I find that older children (7 years+) can have a lot of independence in the kitchen, if they are given some space.  Let them know they can pick out and help cook the meal for that night.  If it ends up being macaroni and cheese, that’s ok!  Instilling a sense of purpose and confidence in your children, is much more important than a perfectly healthy meal.  You are teaching them skills for a lifetime.  Celebrate what they come up with and have fun!

Saturday – Out

I love to eat out, and there are several options for healthier choices.  We love Chipotle, Sticks, Panera, and local restaurants like Blue Mountain and Citizen Burger.  I crave taking a break from cooking, the kids love going out.  We look forward to it all week.

Monday – Italian night

Option 1: Pasta.  Sautee onion, seasonal veggies (right now its squash, carrots, peppers), and frozen spinach.  Add sauce, heat through.  Cook some brown rice pasta (our favorite is the TruRoots pasta).

Option 2: Lasagna, or your other favorite Italian dish.  Lasagna doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems.  Make your sauce the same you would for pasta, cook lasagna noodles, and layer.  You can add in some mozzarella cheese in the layers, if desired.  

Wednesday – Southwest night

Option 1: Rice and bean bowls.  Rice, black beans, tomato, avocado, chips, cheese (optional), and the incredible vegan nacho sauce from the Peas and Thank You cookbook.

Option 2: Burritos.  Layer refried beans and goat cheddar into a sprouted spelt tortilla.  Cook on both sides until warm and golden brown.  Top with avocado and salsa.

Friday – Family movie night

Option 1: Pizza.  Use your favorite crust recipe (ours is this one from 100 Days of Real Food, we use spelt flour), chop some veggies, and let the kids decorate the pizza.  Serve with simple salad or fruit, if desired.

Option 2: Burgers and fries.  We buy a local veggie burger (No Bull Burger), and top it with avocado, lettuce, tomato, etc.  I will cut up potatoes (we switch between sweet potatoes and red potatoes) during the day and roast them at dinner time. 


These meal rotations are ideal for busy school nights, when there isn't a lot of time to plan or prepare food.  

More simple breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas can be found in the Transforming Your Relationship with Food course.

Do you meal plan?  What are your favorite repeat meals?  Let me know if you try out the rotation, and how you like it!

In gratitude,

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Your Path to Radiant Living

I have clients in my office on a daily basis who are suffering from anxiety and/or depression.  I feel safe saying that almost everyone has suffered from anxiety or depression, is suffering right now, or knows someone who is.  If you, or someone you know struggles with anxiety or depression, this post is designed specifically for you.  Your struggles are close to my heart.

I suffered from both of these emotional imbalances – anxiety and depression - for several years.  I had panic attacks that would put me on the floor and keep my husband home from work.  Depression that was mild enough to keep me out of the doctor's office, but severe enough that my life felt heavy and overwhelming.  Both of these struggles can wreak havoc on an individual’s mental, emotional, and physical life – as well as entire families. 

My journey to healing involved many different diets, supplements, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, energy healers, self care, tears, money, frustration, and patience.  My journey was complicated for a very long time.  Then, all of a sudden things became very simple.  Healing happened almost overnight. 

Healing doesn’t have to be hard.  Sometimes we believe that getting better takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of work.  It doesn’t.  It can be as simple as a change in perspective.

Our bodies are divinely created and know exactly how to heal.  If you are alive and reading this blog, your body is in a state of healing.  Despite how “bad” things might seem on the outside.  Our bodies are always working hard to support us and keep us healthy, despite all of the self criticism was give ourselves.  All it takes is a few little tweaks of our minds and emotions to shift into peace.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our stories of “getting better” that we never get better.

Illness is simple and so is health.  The science of vitality continually proves itself over and over.  What we think in our minds and then feel in our bodies, creates our physical reality. 

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  Thoughts are things!  And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.” –Napoleon Hill

Your health truly does begin in your mind.  If we realize how much power our thoughts have over our circumstances, we could guard our thoughts and keep them positive as our top priority.

Our thoughts drive and create emotion.  Emotion is what causes us to make decisions.  Those decisions turn into our reality.  Specific thoughts turn on different emotions, and different emotions produce different outcomes. 

I am going to share with you a flow chart that came to me a few months back.  I have been sitting with it, implementing it in my life, and preparing it for the world.  I am so excited to now share this with you!  This is truly the simplest path to radiant living.  

We have our information input at the top – this is the part of life that we don’t have much control over.  This is something we read on social media, a news story, a conversation with a friend or spouse, the weather, other peoples actions, and even past experiences.  Have you ever been on facebook scrolling through your feed feeling good, and then happen upon a heartbreaking story and it shifts your whole vibe for the day?  Have you ever woken up happy and ready for the new day, to turn around and have one of the kids wake up grouchy and it brings you right down with them?  All of these examples represent “Information Input” – or, outside circumstances we cannot control. 

“You have power over your mind – not outside events.  Realize this, and you will find strength.” –Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

We cannot control the information input, but we can control the next step on the chart – our thoughts!  Did you realize you have complete control of what thoughts you think?!  You do!  Until we begin to train our minds, it can feel like they are out of our control and just ‘pop’ up out of nowhere.  THIS is the key to your health (and prosperity, and joy, and relationships, and career…).  Our thoughts directly create our emotions, and our emotions directly create our reality.  How do we control our thoughts?  Meditation, visualization, affirmations, and awareness.  I discuss the chart and ways to change our thoughts in the video below.


Our thoughts, no matter what they are, funnel into 3 main emotions

Thoughts, conscious or unconscious, that center around not being good enough funnel into that “drained” feeling.  It’s that feeling of overwhelm that freezes us in our tracks.  Those feelings funnel down to depression, which funnels down to stress, which funnels down to disease

Thoughts, conscious or unconscious, that center around fear and being unsupported will bring racing thoughts, excess energy, and a burned out nervous system.  That feel of fear creates anxiety, which creates stress, which creates disease

Love and Healing
Here’s the good part.  Thoughts, conscious or unconscious, that center around an open heart full of love and trust, will bring feelings of peace and compassion.   Those feelings create empowerment and joy, which create health in all areas of your life. 

One more thought about thoughts
Thoughts are just that – thoughts.  They come and go.  Do not place any judgment around whatever comes into your mind.  Don’t take your thoughts so seriously.  Bring awareness to the patterns and then lovingly change them if you want to.

Love is your first line of defense against anxiety, depression, or any other physical, mental, and emotional imbalance.  Love is the greatest tool we have at our disposal.  Loving thoughts are more powerful than any food you eat, supplement you take, or book you read. 

We cannot change the information that comes at us, but we can change our thoughts around it.  Change your thoughts, change your emotions, change your life. 


I would love to hear from you!  Please comment below to let me know how this information will impact your life.  How can you start implementing this principle into your life?

Think someone in your life could benefit from this information?  Please share this post on social media.  Let's get the word out!

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