The Unexpected Solution to Healing Your Anxiety

This post is an excerpt from my e-book, Keys To Calm.   



You Hold The Keys to Your Health 

You are the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, and the choices you make.  And it happens in that order – you have a thought, you feel an emotion, you make a choice.  So, how do we change our life?  We change our choices.  To changes our choices, we must change our emotions, and to change our emotions, we must change our thoughts.  It all starts with your thoughts. 

“The fact that the mind rules the body is, in spite of its neglect by biology and medicine, the most fundamental fact which we know about the process of life.” –Franz Alexander, M.D.

The key to healing anxiety (or any other health concern) is locked in your thoughts.  The only limit to your healing is your beliefs. 


Your physical life is a manifestation of your predominant thoughts.  Sometimes when a client of mine realizes that their thoughts are a large contributor to their suffering, they feel even more fear. 

Because, what’s coming next?  

How do I control my negative thoughts? 

What if all you seem to do is complain and find fault in yourself? 

Good news!  A positive thought is more powerful than a negative thought, period.  No matter how long you’ve been thinking negative thoughts, you can change that today. 

Healing cannot occur when we are focused on what is wrong.  It only occurs when we shift our intention to what is right.  Instead of focusing on being sick, focus on being well.  Right this minute, you can initiate healing in your body. 

Ok, great, now what?

How do you change these old beliefs and thoughts?  

The first step is to become aware of them.  Notice when you are complaining, thinking negative thoughts, or acting out of an old belief system.  

When you notice it happening, stop.  


Give yourself compassion - you are always doing the best you know how!  

Put your hand on your heart, and repeat, "I recognize what I feel.  It's safe to feel the way I do.  I now lovingly release these negative thoughts and beliefs.  I am worthy.  I am enough.  I now welcome love, joy, health, and prosperity into my life."

In Keys to Calm, much more insight around this topic is provided.  I also provide you with a list of negative thoughts and belief patterns that create anxiety.  I also offer you a new thought pattern (affirmation) that can heal anxiety and ill health.  

Thriving health is so much closer than you can imagine.  

It's right behind your fear.  

All it takes is a change of perception.  


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