Releasing Food Anxiety {plus EFT video}

Paleo, vegan, raw, vegetarian, macrobiotic, fruitarian, low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, traditional, weight watchers, calorie counting…

Have you noticed that food isn’t just food anymore? 


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Everywhere you turn, there is new information or “science” telling us what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.  We see stories of how people have lost weight, gained weight, cured cancer, gotten cancer, healed pain, created pain, etc. – all through what they are or aren’t eating.

We have given food so much power over our lives – particularly our health.  And it’s exhausting people and causing a great deal of anxiety.  I have had to work through this myself, and I see it with clients all the time.  Well intentioned, health conscious people come to me overly stressed about food all the time.

Symptoms of Food Anxiety

  • Over concern with diet
  • Worry that certain foods will cause weight gain or disease
  • Categorizing foods as “good” or “bad”
  • Social isolation because of food choices (not being able to go out to dinner with friends, etc.)
  • Jumping from one diet to another 
  • Cutting out entire food groups 

It's time to return to intuitive eating.  What is intuitive eating?  Forgetting what the "gurus" say about your health, and follow what your body is asking for.  Craving fruit but "can't have it" on your diet of choice?  Eat the fruit anyways.  Your hunger and cravings should be honored.  Here are few tips to return to peaceful eating.

Tips for Intuitive Eating

  • Take 5 minutes to breathe and quiet your mind before a meal
  • Express deep gratitude that you have access to food 24/7 (we forget how fortunate we are to have food at our disposal)
  • Put down the diet book, close your computer, and go for a walk
  • Fresh air and sunshine daily (this will clear your mind so that you can make better food choices)
  • Do the EFT video every time food anxiety creeps in
  • Stop shopping cart judgment (when you’re in the grocery store comparing your cart to every one else’s and making judgment calls on who is healthy and who isn’t)

It’s time to release the anxiety we feel around eating.  Trust your body.  Put down the diet book.  Tune in to your body and listen.  It knows exactly what it needs.  Food is not the enemy.  Your cravings are not the enemy.  Your appetite is not something to be punished, but celebrated.  

If you feel like you are being swept under the strong current of dietary dogma, this video is for you.