Transforming Your Relationship With Food

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with sugar or food in general?

Do you ever feel tied down by your sugar cravings?

Do you feel guilt or shame every time you eat something "bad"?

Has dieting in the name of health left you feeling exhausted, confused, and more stressed than before?

Are you ready to release the emotions that are driving your sugar cravings?

Are you ready to join a community of supportive individuals who are on the same journey as you?

In this 6 part online course, my dear friend, Wendy Vigdor-Hess, RD. and I, bring you realistic tips for curbing your sugar habit. We provide insight into the detrimental effects of sugar on your health and discuss ways to naturally cut out highly addictive foods. This course is designed for people who are already health conscious, but are struggling with breaking the sugar habit. This 6 part video and e-book course combination provides healthy recipes to replace your favorite desserts as well as sample meal plans to get you started. Additional topics covered include:

What does sugar do to our physical body and to our emotional well-being? 
What foods keep sugar cravings away? 
What supplements will help you break the sugar cycle? 
What emotions are behind sugar cravings? 
How do I transform my entire relationship with food?

This transformation course is broken up into 6 components, plus continuing support in our private Facebook group. Each day you will receive an email with:

- E-book full of recipes, reccomendations, and tips for for transforming your relationship with food
- Videos that provide thought provoking information about sugar cravings
-Daily affirmation cards
-Journaling exercises to promote awareness
-Access to Wendy and I, and others on your same path, in the private Facebook group.

Ready to release sugar's pull on you and completely transform your relationship with food?

Click here to learn more about how this course can help you. 

We can't wait to share our tips - physical, mental, and emotional - to release you from sugar cravings. 


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