Top 5 Tips for Instant Energy {plus recipe}

From my own life experience, those of my friends and family, my clients, and surveys I have conducted over the years, it is obvious that having a lack of energy is a huge problem for most people.  When we are tired, we aren't able to enjoy our lives.  We can't get up and play with our children.  We can't exercise or meditate.  We get sick more often.  We gain weight.  And, most importantly, we aren't able to fulfill our divine purpose. 


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Daily Habits for Sustainable Energy

1. Start your day with lemon water.  When you first wake up, drink a large glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon.  Lemon water helps reduce inflammation, cleanses the liver, wakes up your digestive system, and gives your mind and body a fresh boost first thing in the morning.  Getting your digestive system moving is one of the best ways to bring extra energy to your body.

2. Move.  Moving your body in the morning is a great way to get your body into a sustainable fat-burning, energy-boosted mode.  If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, make sure to never over-extend your body with vigorous exercise.  Only do what feels comfortable.  One day it may be walking, the next yoga, etc.  Taking a 5 minute stretching break can instantly boost your energy levels by supplying your muscles with a fresh dose of oxygen.

3. Drink your vitamins.  Smoothies are a great way to boost up your nutrient intake.  Did you know that most supplements on the market are made with synthetic vitamins that our body can't even use?  That's why it's important to make food your most important supplement.  Smoothies are a perfect start to the day, or a great afternoon pick me up.  

I've included one of my favorite nutrient dense recipes for you to use!  If you're looking to print off this recipe, click here.

4.  Laugh and release stress.  Did you know that laughter really is the best medicine?  Studies continue to prove it.  Our natural state is joy.  Which is why it's so uncomfortable to feel stressed, anxious, or depressed.  Joy should be a part of our daily lives.  Take 5 minutes to breathe and laugh when you're feeling tired.  Here is your laughter break for the day: Kid History: Healthy Food.  It's good to laugh at ourselves every once in a while.

5. Tune in and rest.  So many people try to push through their emotions, their fatigue, and their overwhelm.  We can do that every once in a while, but that isn't sustainable.  Listen to what your body is saying.  Is your fatigue chronic or acute?  Is there a message underneath the fatigue?  Do you need to get into bed earlier?  Would it be worth your time to schedule in a 20 minute power nap?  Are you eating foods that are draining your body?  Are you holding onto past emotional pain?  Are you overwhelmed on a daily basis, and your body is asking for a simplified schedule?  The answer is different for everyone.  Sometimes the most important thing we can do to enjoy sustainable energy is to give ourselves permission to rest.  

How do you keep your life balanced and energized?  What tips will you implement into your life?  Let me know how they help!    If you have found this information helpful, please share!

In gratitude,

For the simplest ways to create radiant health, effortless joy, and lasting energy CLICK HERE!