You Aren't Broken

The God that made you doesn't make mistakes.

I have to consistently remind my clients that they aren't broken.  Why have we let other people tell us that we are less than perfect just the way we are?  Why do we allow the diet industry, fashion industry, and even the alternative health industry to convince us we are less than?  

I spent a good chunk of my life trying to fix myself.  No matter what I did, there was always something else wrong.  It started out 'innocently' by shaming my body and eating habits for not being "perfect".  I remember skimming through magazines as a teenager and spending the majority of my time daydreaming about what I would look like "someday".  Someday, when I start eating perfect and exercising perfectly, and on and on.  

Body shame is the gateway drug towards self sabotage in all areas of your life.  

Fast forward several years.  I am young, married, and have a high needs newborn.  The next 7 years were a blur of fighting myself, dreaming of this perceived "perfection", and self-shaming.  Similar to looking at magazines as a teenager, I spent my days skimming through diet books.  Within each book, I found the answers I was looking for.  I lived in a constant state of waiting for Monday.  Monday...the day my life would change.  Starting on Monday, I would never eat ice cream again.  I would run a few miles everyday.  I would do all the things I knew I was 'suppose' to be doing.  And, every Monday, I found myself making more excuses for not even starting my goals.  Much less reaching them.


"When you love yourself, you will see love all around you and the relationship you’ve been hoping for will finally arrive. Your inner world transforms your experience of being in the world. When you see that you embody all of the same gifts, talents, and abilities as the divine, then you will know the truth—you are limitless potential, there is nothing to heal and nothing to fix." -Panache Desai

You can't hate yourself into health.

True healing comes through love.  It's a universal law.  Love is the only force in the world that can transform your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  We can't fool ourselves into thinking that the more we despise our situation, the more motivation we will have to change.  Hate and guilt cannot ever provide lasting motivation and change.  The minute you decide to truly love and accept yourself for who you are right now, healing begins.  

Already whole.  Already loved.

In a world centered around guilt and self loathing, I want to remind you that you are perfectly whole and healthy just the way you are.  Right now.  Today.  You don't have to earn love or self acceptance.  You are already loved.  God designed you to be happy and healthy.  Don't waste another day by putting your life on hold until everything is perfect.  Your mission isn't to be miserable.  You are created to be full of joy.

Healing isn't about fixing who you are, but remembering who you are.  

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