I've been there too
My journey to wellness started out like everyone else's.  I was sick, my kids were sick, and nothing seemed to help.  My oldest son developed a long list of digestive and neurological imbalances soon after birth.  He had no language development whatsoever, and the majority of his days were spent screaming from frustration and overstimulation.  My list of health imbalances included a Hashimoto's disease diagnosis (a thyroid auto-immune disorder), almost constant anxiety and panic attacks, hormone imbalances, and an extremely unhealthy relationship with food.  My days were spent in utter exhaustion, just waiting to get to bedtime.

Then everything changed
I knew that I wasn't suppose to spend my life sick in bed.  There had to be a way to heal, and I was determined to find it.  Through extensive research, education, and an attitude shift, I began my journey towards health.  Rather than treating symptoms, I knew I needed to get to the root cause, but wasn't sure how.  I spent thousands of dollars, tried several different modalities of healing, and nothing seemed to bring me lasting results.  Then, I found The Emotion Code.  It turned out that my physical and mental dis-ease, and my children's, had an emotional root cause.  The trapped emotional baggage was causing our bodies to be in a state of 24/7 stress.  True healing can only occur in a state of relaxation.  As soon as the emotional traumas were released on an energetic level, our bodies and minds healed.  Quickly, effectively, permanently.  

Healing doesn't have to be hard
I believe our bodies have an innate ability to heal.  We don't have to give much attention to a scrape on our knee for it to heal. The same is true for us on a much deeper level.  After we clear the emotional traumas, our body heals quickly, effectively, and permanently.  As soon as we decide we are ready to truly let go of what's holding us back, we begin to heal.  Diet, supplements, exercise, and other holistic treatments can only go so far.  For harmony to be truly restored, we must address each level of our wellness - physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.  You are divine and you deserve to live like it.  God wouldn't send us here without all the tools to achieve joy in this life.

Let me share my passion with you
I feel so grateful for the ability to assist other people on their journey's to wellness.  I am able to use applied kinesiology (a way of reading the innate wisdom in each of us) to determine what is best for your body.  It can be hard to sort through all of the information out there about healing.  One way of eating may bring someone vibrant health, while it may deteriorate someone else's.  Some supplements have the ability to fill in nutritional gaps and give our bodies strength, other's are just a waste of money.  Healing cannot come from someone else's opinion.  It must come from honoring your own body chemistry.  Combining the release of energetic stress, personalized nutrition, and the use of sacred plant remedies has proven to be the answer for myself and my clients over and over again.  

Together, we can clear the blocks getting in your way, and determine a plan for wellness on every level. 

Megan's Focus Includes

Adrenal Fatigue
Asthma / Chronic Allergies
Autism / Aspergers / Learning Disabilities
Auto-immune disease
Chemical Sensitivity / Environmental Illness
Ear / Sinus Infections
Emotional & Psychological Problems

Food allergies
Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Diarrhea / Constipation
Lyme and Co-infections
Obesity / Weight Disorders
Seasonal Allergies
Sensory Processing Disorder
Sugar Metabolism Disorders
Thyroid Dysfunction
Weakened Immune System
Yeast Overgrowth

Benefits of Energy Healing

  • Increased motivation and goal achievement
  • Manifesting and dealing with life changes
  • Emotional stress & trauma relief
  • Alleviation of pain and physical ailments
  • Relief of everyday stress and anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Healing on all levels of mind, body, spirit
  • Personal growth
  • Spiritual development
  • Greater fulfillment and life purpose
  • Improved performance and concentration
  • Clearing of old patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Recovering from relationship breakups/loss